Discover The Pleasure of Paso Fino Horses

Therapeutic for your body, relaxing on your mind and rejuvenating for your spirit

Welcome to SmoothRide4u, Paso Fino Equestrian and Gracewood Farm Paso Fino Horses. Discover the personal pleasure of recreational riding and owning smooth gaited Paso Fino horses. Explore the possibilities.

Paso Fino horses are creations of Spanish inherited beauty, gentle grace, willing spirit and comfortable ride. Descendants of the sturdy Conquistadors’ mounts that helped to conquer the Americas over 400 years ago, and today, travel woodland trails, grassy hills and mountain paths with their recreational riders.

They are a very special breed for horse lovers who desire a smooth 'no bounce' ride and easy accessible physical qualities. They will put a smile on your face!

Experience the smoothest ride with Gracewood's Paso Fino horses. Schedule a visit for a test ride, plan for a horsemanship riding lesson or simply come meet the horses. We are located in central North Carolina near Raleigh. Email Gracewood Farm at .

... Lynn Gallup, Gracewood Farm's owner
Enjoying the Cadillac ride of Paso Fino horses for over 35 years

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