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SmoothRide4u Horsemanship Students and Gracewood Farm Customer Testimonials

Thank you to my horsemanship students for your love of horses, patience and talent!
... Lynn Gallup, Riding Instructor and Clinician

Lynn, thanks very much for all the effort you went to on my behalf. I really learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know you and your horses. Today was beautiful here so I went to the barn and practiced some of what I learned. You truly hit the mark with what I wanted to experience and I know if will be most helpful with my horse.

Thanks you again for all the planning you did for my lessons. They were great!!
... Helen, TN

While I wasn't exactly certain how much my son could truly learn about horsemanship, Lynn Gallup has shown me and my son in the past year that a young child can indeed learn a lot! Lynn's hands-on-approach, her genuine interest in her students, and her desire to share her knowledge make her an exceptional instructor. I see the results of her work every time my son sits in the saddle!

Lynn has that special ability to share her knowledge in such a natural and fun manner that you don't even realize you've had a lesson!
... Stacey, Cary, NC

Grayson had a good time trail riding (during her riding lesson on the American Tobacco Trail), and she said she is getting to know Maja better. I could hear Maja doing her paca paca as all left us in the dust!
... Jeany, Wake Forest, NC

Riding Paso Fino horses at Gracewood Farm is what I dreamed riding a horse would be like when I was a little girl. Each step is graceful and the horses are gentle, responsive and intuitive. This is an obvious reflection of Lynn's teaching and training skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed my riding lessons over the last year.
... Allison, Cary, NC

"Hi Lynn, just wanted to give you an update on Merlin. He's doing wonderful! Attached is a picture I took of my neighbor riding him for the first time into a pond, he was able to get Merlin far enough out to swim a ways. I rode him out next into the pond but wasn't able to get any pictures. It was so much fun!

He is easy to control: when other horses come riding up fast behind him remains calm and doesn't try to take off running too, which is very important to me! He likes me the best and is still stand-offish with my dad and brother. My entire neighborhood adores him.
... Vickie, SC

Teson had his first creek crossing today. The water level was about a foot and a half, slow moving, and the distance probably 14 feet. I put on my waders to lead him. Tami waved another lead rope near his butt. He got within two feet of the water, hestitated, and started shaking. We petted him and told him it was o.k. After a couple of minutes of negotiating, he decided that it wasn't so bad and got in. I led him across and back five times, took off the waders, and rode him back and forth another five times. After an apple treat and a few more hugs, we let him run and play. Once again, thanks for all the ground work and time you and David put in. He's the smartest young horse we've ever had.
... Jon and Tami, VA

Lynn, Thank you so much for the time you spent with us on Sunday. We really enjoyed our visit and the information you gave us. I dare say that I have been converted in favor of the Paso Fino. Have a safe trip next weekend. Perhaps we will see you at the show. Give Smut the snake dog a scratch behind the ears for us!
...Warmest Regards, Robert and Angie

"Hi Lynn, Your lesson plans were just what I needed and wanted. You really did hit the mark. Stormy and I are doing very well and the bit seems to be working! I am really excited about that! After he tested it for a while and realized it wasn't harsh, he seemed to accept it. I am loaning it to the friend who just bought the black horse I told you about so she can try it with him this weekend. The Myler video was helpful and I actually found the little book on ebay so I bought it for reference.

Thanks again for everything. Let's do keep in touch and I hope to return to NC perhaps at a later date. It was great fun and most importantly, you gave me a real boost in self-confidence. That has helped tremendously!
... Have a nice day, Helen, TN

Hi Lynn, Just wanted to say thanks again for the lesson last night and for introducing us to all your "kids". Your place has a wonderful feel and energy about it and I really enjoyed the visit. Larry and I are looking forward to taking lessons over Labor Day weekend. We'll be in touch to figure out a good time for everybody.

Have a great trip to Alaska!
... See you soon, Teressa, Winston-Salem, NC

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