Smooth Out Your Life ...
When You Ride A Paso Fino

Equestrians who choose to ride Paso Fino horses, do so primarily due to the appeal of their smooth bounce-free, easy on the body way of going. Furthermore, some Paso Fino riders will admit that if they want to ride, it is out of physical necessity that they do ride a smooth horse. Physical limitations whether from an injury, disability, bad back, or just getting older issues do not necessarily inhibit the pursuit of equine activities when that person chooses a smooth riding breed of horse.

Why do many people choose the Paso Fino? When ridden, a Paso Fino horse's evenly spaced lateral four beat gait eliminates the "jarring" effect of a diagonal two beat trot of other horse breeds. Riders of all ages can feel more secure and gain confidence faster on a Paso Fino horse because of the lack of movement to the rider's body. Thus they are able to relax and really enjoy the experience. Paso Fino owners and riders with physical challenges can testify to the health advantages of riding a Paso Fino.

Lori West lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and proudly owns fourteen Paso Fino horses. She enjoys recreational trail riding and showing her Paso Fino horses ...

I have a congenital back abnormality that makes me less flexible than others, and has required visits to Chiropractors all of my life. There is no way I could stand a trot, and I was thrilled to find Paso Fino horses. In my experience, riding Paso Fino horses has helped strengthen, gently massage, and relax muscles in my back, reducing back pain significantly. The more I ride the less I run to the Chiropractor's office. Chiropractic care is still a part of my life, but it is nice to go for preventive visits instead of rushing there in pain to fix an immediate crisis.

Gerald Collins of South Carolina tells of his life changing experiences and later his will to ride. When Gerald was eighteen, he was in a tractor accident that the doctors said he wouldn't survive. The tractor flipped over pinning him underneath crushing his chest. He endured broken ribs, punctured and collapsed lungs; a badly bruised heart, a broken clavicle, and third degree acid burns. Gerald was later told that when the EMS got there he was clinically dead, but by the grace of God they were able to revive him. The doctors didn't realize his back and pelvis were hurt until months down the road. Gerald recalls the experiences ...

God is the only reason I survived and I was able to overcome most of the injuries, but my back and hips will never be as they were before the accident. Because of the Paso Fino and its smooth gaits, I have been able to enjoy the thrill of riding horses and meet some great people along the way. There are days I have trouble getting up in the saddle because of my hip, but once I'm there I'm in heaven and can ride all day. I know a lady that was in bad car wreck and it messed her back up and she too says that riding her Paso Fino helps her back to loosen up and feel better. So, I encourage anyone that has back, hip, or knee problems and who enjoyed riding horses at one time to try a Paso Fino. If they are lucky they'll renew a love of riding and make a new best friend.

The Paso Fino horses being under 15 hands make getting on easier. When I get on my horses and ride, it especially eases the pain in my back. The gentle motion is like physical therapy for my back and easy on my other joints. It is common for me to ride for up to seven hours in a day. I know that this would not be possible without their smooth gait. Not only is that, but the mental stimulus that you get from spending time with these wonderful creatures an added bonus. There is truly something good about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of us. I am thankful for having the opportunity to own such a wonderful breed of horse.

Senior equestrian Kyle Strom of South Carolina was in so much pain from a couple of bulging disks from an old injury, he could barely walk. The one thing he could do though that relieved the pain he felt was to ride his Paso Fino "Chinook" of which he did ride quite regularly. Since enduring that disk pain, Kyle has been to physical therapy and the back pain is now gone. When the neurologist's office discovered that Kyle rode horses, surprisingly they were most enthusiastic and told us how really good riding horses were for him. Kyle's wife Nancy says:

There is no way we could safely or comfortably ride trotting horses." Kyle has been actively riding Paso Finos since, participating in a hunter pace, the Paso Fino National Show Largo Race, PFHA horse show fun events, an exhibition for Mount'n Hopes Therapeutic Riding center, and just enjoyable riding around his farm area. Kyle is able to do this because of the amazing gait and outstanding behavior of these wonderful Paso Fino horses. The Paso Fino allows those who can no longer handle the rigors of riding a large trotting horse to continue participating in a sport they love, and doing so safely and comfortably without being confined to the walk gait. They are indeed amazing animals.

Lynn Gallup of New Hill, North Carolina operates a farm caring for eighteen Paso Fino horses. A fall one and a half years ago by missing a step and falling, twisting, and hitting her hip hard against the side of a deck resulted in numerous trips to the chiropractor. Lynn also can get stiff sitting doing computer work for long periods of time, but farm activities and riding her Paso Finos helps her feel more flexible. While Lynn's hip feels much better now, when it was hurting, it didn't stop her from enjoying her smooth rides through the woodland trails on her Paso Finos. She just used a mounting block to help get on due to the pain in her hip. Lynn states ...

There is something very therapeutic physically and mentally about riding my beloved Paso Fino horses. They give me a lot in return beyond just the smoothness of their ride. Their easy gait is just the icing on the cake!

Ride a Paso Fino if you have the opportunity to ... you'll be glad you did. There are many Paso Fino farms and owners that will allow you to test-ride one with a visit. Paso Fino riders agree: It does a body good! Try it, you'll like it! and there is always the talk about what is known as the Paso smile or Paso grin the first time when you ride one.

WARNING: Paso smiles and grins are contagious! Get ready to smooth out your life when you climb aboard a Paso Fino.

For more info about the benefits of riding Paso Finos or to share your Paso Fino story, contact Lynn Gallup, or email us.

Therapeutic for your body, relaxing on your mind and rejuvenating for your spirit ...

Experience the smoothest ride with Gracewood's Paso Fino horses. Schedule a visit for a test ride, plan for a horsemanship riding lesson or simply come meet the horses. We are located in central North Carolina near Raleigh. Email Gracewood Farm.

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