Gracewood Farm's Services

Sales of Beautiful, Gentle Recreational Paso Fino Horses

Gracewood Farm has fine quality Paso Finos available for sale, ranging in age from weanlings to mature riding horses in attractive colors; all available with free consultation with the sale. The user-friendly Paso Finos usually range in size from 13.3 to 15 hands and come in all solid colors, including grulla and dun with primitive markings. Gracewood Farm specializes in the breeding, training and sales of quality versatile pleasure gaited Paso Finos with friendly and willing dispositions and the natural Paso Fino gait. Find top bloodlines and competitive market pricing. Gracewood Farm owner and Paso Fino Judge, Lynn Gallup can tell you each horse's potential and which horse would be best suited for your needs. Visitors are welcome by private appointment or at Gracewood Farm's Open House.

Proven bloodlines of the above qualities are selected in the breeding program, with noted proven show Colombian bloodlines such as: Resorte III and IV, Capuchino, Carmin, Profeta, Piloto, Castellano, Majestuoso, and Coloso. These proven linesĀ are crossed with the "Meridian Meadows" Colombian cattle working Paso Fino bloodlines of: Mahoma, Guala, Baron que tal, Eblis, Yocunda, Hilachas and Sin Verquenza.

Paso Fino Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Private Riding lessons and consultation are available for people new to the Paso Fino breed who want to learn to properly ride a Paso Fino or Gaited Horse.

Riding lessons are a great way for an amateur owner who wants to tune-up their riding skills with their own Paso Fino or gaited horse.

Riding lessons from a experienced senior certified gaited horse judge are invaluable for youth or adult riders who want to improve their show equitation and horsemanship skills.

Other reasons for private professional riding or training lessons are for owners who want to improve their horse's gait and way of going, and who want to improve their show ring performance procedures.

SmoothRide4u Gaited Horsemanship Clinics

Do you need to "tune up" for an upcoming horse show, trail riding; or to focus on improving your riding skills or smooth out your horse's gait?

Group clinics are ideal for this. Consider hosting a horsemanship clinic with Lynn Gallup in your area. An average clinic size is usually 10 - 12 horse and rider teams, but may vary upon location. Auditors are often included. Mini-Clinics may be held at Gracewood Farm with 3-4 people minimum.

Private horseback riding lessons are usually available on one of the days before and/or after a clinic at the host site or in the general area. Check with your clinic host on scheduling additional lessons on your gaited horse. Paso Finos, Mountain Pleasure Horses and other naturally gaited breeds are welcome at Lynn Gallup's Smooth Ride 4u clinics.

Clinic Specialty Topics

Ride A Gaited Horse to Achieve the Smoothest Ride

  • Proper rider form and balance to achieve smoothest gaits.
  • How to help the horse to work off its backend and drive forward.

Equine Conformation Evaluation

  • Learn to study ideal conformation of horses for riding, purchase and breeding.
  • Identify body balance, inheritable faults and leg conformation issues.

Ground Handling and Training Lessons with Paso Finos

  • Leading
  • Round Pen Work
  • Lounging
  • Long Lines or Bellas Formas
  • Body Cues
  • Hoof Balance and Trimming Basics

Starting Under Saddle Training Lessons with Paso Finos

  • Warm Up
  • Sacking Out
  • Horse Senses Perception
  • Weight Bearing
  • Horse's Balance with Rider
  • First Lessons under Saddle

Weekend Gaited Horsemanship Clinics with Lynn Gallup, clinician. Horsemanship Clinics may be arranged at your location or at Gracewood Farm in New Hill, North Carolina. Check with Lynn Gallup on details and clinician fee.

Paso Fino and Rocky Mountain Horse Video Appraisal

This is a relatively inexpensive way to get a horse appraised and assessed for their value, aptitude, conformation, gait and qualities for the purposes of insurance, breeding, proposed stallion selection, sale or purchase.

This appraisal does not replace a pre-purchase exam by a veterinarian for soundness if for insurance or purchase reasons, but helps to establish a market value/experienced opinion as needed. Please note there can be NO conflict of interest with PFHA show dates; 30 day PFHA rule applies.

Video Evaluation Consultation Fee: $45 for one horse; $35 each additional horse same video; includes a written evaluation. For return of video tape, add $5 for shipping and handling.

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Therapeutic for your body, relaxing on your mind and rejuvenating for your spirit ...

Experience the smoothest ride with Gracewood's Paso Fino horses. Schedule a visit for a test ride, plan for a horsemanship riding lesson or simply come meet the horses. We are located in central North Carolina near Raleigh. Email us.

Bay Paso Fino mare with her new owner
Paso Fino stallion Emperador La Estrella showing his natural gait at liberty.
Paso Fino horse and rider during a horsemanship lesson.
Paso Fino clinic participants in Alaska
paso fino groundwork training lesson
chestnut paso fino being schooled in training round pen
newborn grulla paso fino filly at gracewood farm
paso fino training at gracewood farm round pen
rocky mountain horse at alaska lynn gallup horsemasnhip clinic
trail obstacle training and fun at lynn gallup horsemasnhip clinic in alaska
magico de gracia paso fino groundwork training
paso fino training sacking out