Gracewood Farm's Paso Fino Heritage Program

Driving down the winding country road that wraps around the aged wood fencing, visitors may see Paso Fino horses grazing peacefully or frolicking on the gently rolling pastures. The rustic horse barn and pre-Civil War farm house (est. 1810) are nestled among towering pines and a hundred plus year old white oak tree.

Thus, this rustic aged farmstead is ideal for the preservation of the early Colombian Paso Finos's legacy imported into the USA and bred in the late 1960's through the early 1980's in the USA. Their bloodlines are rarer to find in today's Paso Fino of the 21st century, and are valuable to preserve for new Paso Fino owners to discover and enjoy what first attracted people to Paso Fino. Not only was it the smooth natural gait, but also their sturdiness, stamina and versatility, having developed those qualities from being working riding horses in the rugged South American Andes Mountains.

Gracewood Farm's Paso Fino horse program's goals are to be true to the qualities that make the Paso Fino breed desirable for today's recreational rider ... natural, smooth Paso Fino gait; amicable, willing disposition; beauty, grace, elegance and versatility.

With these goals in mind, Gracewood Farm's owner Lynn Gallup acquired the Paso Fino stallion Emperador La Estrella at age 22 in 2002. Emperador embodied all these wonderful qualities desired in today's versatile, beautiful, and naturally gaited Paso Fino horse. His pedigree is a prepotent and important foundation lineage. His offspring's qualities meet today's important equestrian's standard for a smooth, safe riding mount as well as a personal equine companion and trusting family member.

To continue with these targeted breeding goals, Gracewood Farm acquired Ares del Pasador in late 2012. Ares is a 26 year old son of PFHA Foundation Sire Mar De Plata LaCE (PFHA reg #1) and Sin Verguenza - the first Paso Fino stallion that Merdian Meadows imported from Colombia in the late 1950's, known for his versatility and naturaness of gait. Ares has tall size and an elevated style of movement with a very natural 4 beat paso gait.

Ares del Pasador at age 22

Gracewood Farm has seeked out a group of Paso Fino broodmares that carry the USA foundation Colombian lineage and athletic qualities desired ... that of Guala, Resorte III, Mahoma, Sin Verquenza, Lunares, Hilachas, Majestuoso, Baron que tal and "que tal" line mares, such as Yoconda. These carefully selected the Paso Fino broodmares delivered the last Paso Fino foals from Emperador La Estrella and his last son Precision de Gracia. Precision produced 6 beautiful and very naturally gaited fillies and 2 colts which many reside at Gracewood now, a few are available to the discriminating buyer.

Maybe one of these special "de Gracia" horses or an offspring will be in your Paso Fino equestrian future?

Sad to note, Emperador passed away on November 29, 2008 at age 26. His legacy though lives on through his offspring and grand-offspring. Gracewood Farm is preserving through their breeding program Emperador's early foundation Colombian ancestors bloodlines: Guala, Mahoma, Hilachas, Baron que tal, and Eblis -- all horses's names which can be seen on the front of Emperador's registration papers!

The Puerto Rican Paso Fino lineage of Sonador/Guamani known for its "Andalusian" tall stout phenotype can be found as an ancestor in many of our Paso Finos, such as in Insignia de Gracia (15 hh), dam to Precision de Gracia.

Therapeutic for your body, relaxing on your mind and rejuvenating for your spirit ...

Experience the smoothest ride with Gracewood's Paso Fino horses. Schedule a visit for a test ride, plan for a horsemanship riding lesson or simply come meet the horses. We are located in central North Carolina near Raleigh. Email us for more information on any of the horses or our Paso Fino Breeding program.

paso fino horse and special friend
paso fino dun filly renata
Paso Fino stallion Emperador La Estrella
paso fino mare beautiful head
paso fino filly born at gracewood farm showing natural paso fino gait