Paso Fino Glossary of Terms

One of the three European breeds that the Spanish Conquistadors brought to the 'New World' that is a descendant to the modern day Paso Fino. Andalusians are still a breed today; they are a trotting breed that are used in show competitions and dressage. Paso Finos of Colombian origin often have more of a Andalusian phenotype to them.
Comparable to leather curb strap (head lifter) with 2 rings for attaching reins, part of the jaquima
Bellas Forma
Spanish for "Beautiful Form"; Conformation show class where the horse is usually driven with two long lines
Nose band part of the jaquima; can be soft or hard and stiff
Spanish for the horse's controlled spirit or energy
Classic Fino
This Paso Fino show ring gait is very short in stride with extremely rapid footfall. There are show ring classes for only the Classic Fino gait. This gait is highly prized for show horses in Latin and South American countries of origin for breeding stock.
A main South American country - Colombia - of origin for Paso Finos
Movement of horse in a evenly spaced four beat smooth riding gait
Latin American country - Dominican Republic - of origin for Paso Finos
Throatlatch part of the jaquima
Latin origin training bridle that doesn't use a bit; it is often made out of rawhide
Not mechanical or man-made. Determined by nature or born with it. Can be referring to the Paso Fino innate born gait
Spanish Barb
One of the three European breeds that the Spanish Conquistadors brought to the 'New World' that is a descendant to the modern day Paso Fino, known for it's hardiness and stamina. Also, a descendant to the Arabian.
Spanish Jennet
One of the three European breeds that the Spanish Conquistadors brought to the 'New World' that is a descendant to the modern day Paso Fino. The Spanish Jennet had an ambling gait, and is now extinct.
A two beat lateral rough riding gait, where the hooves on the same side hit the ground at the same time, a gait not desired in the show ring
Paso Corto
The medium speed of the Paso Fino gait with moderate speed similar to a trot, with medium extension. Most Paso Finos prefer this gait when trail ridden
Paso Largo
The Paso Fino gait with a longer extension in stride length and the fastest forward moving speed similar to a canter. There are exhibition fun classes sometimes at shows called 'Largo Races' where the fastest horse around the arena multiple laps wins as long as it doesn't break gait
Paso Fino
Naturally gaited smooth riding breed of horse with origins to Latin and South America; "Horse of the Spanish Conquistadors"
South American country - Peru - of origin for Paso horses; not Paso Finos
Paso Fino Horse Association, registry and main governing organization for Paso Fino horses
The lounge rope of the jaquima which attaches to the barbada, and is tied to the saddle when ridden
Puerto Rican
One of the main Latin American republics - Puerto Rico - of origin for Paso Finos
2 leather or braided reins attached to the jaquima for guiding the horse
Long Lines
Two long lines for driving a horse forward, often with smooth chains which attach to the halter
Spoon Bit
Style of bit popular originating in Latin and South American countries for training Paso Finos. Named such due to the spoon-shaped port on the bit's mouthpiece which keeps the tongue in place and shape and size helps as a training aid.
An unevenly timed four beat diagonal gait, not desired in the show ring, similar to a foxtrot in other gaited breeds
United States Equestrian Federation - the governing equestrian sport organization in the USA that promotes fair competition and the welfare and health of the horse and exhibitor at USEF sanctioned horse competitions.

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