SmoothRide4u Gaited Horsemanship Clinics

Happy Horses. Happy Riders.
Achieve Harmony between Gaited Horse and Rider.

Do you need to tune up for an upcoming horse show, trail riding; or to focus on improving your riding skills or smooth out your horse's gait?

Our horsemanship is structured towards recreational pleasure riding whether for show or trail, with a main emphasis on safety, balance, gentle techniques and personal enjoyment.

Group Clinics at Your Location

Consider hosting a horsemanship clinic with Lynn Gallup in your area. An average clinic size is usually 10 - 12 horse and rider teams, but may vary upon location. Auditors are often included.

Private horseback riding lessons are usually available on one of the days before and/or after a clinic at the host site or in the general area. Check with your clinic host on scheduling additional lessons on your gaited horse. Paso Finos, Mountain Pleasure Horses and other naturally gaited breeds are welcome at Lynn Gallup's clinics!

Mini-Clinics at Gracewood Farm or at your Equine Event

Perfect for a morning or afternoon horsemanship clinic. Ideal scheduling for half off a day. A mini-clinic with a group of minimum of 6 participants. Half-Day (3-3.5 hrs). Average Cost: $45 per person at Gracewood Farm. If at another site, time and travel expenses apply. Mini-Clinics may be held at Gracewood Farm with 3-4 people minimum.

Horsemanship Clinic Specialty Topics

Ride A Gaited Horse to Achieve the Smoothest Ride

  • Proper rider form and balance to achieve smoothest gaits.
  • How to help the horse to work off its back end and drive forward.

Equine Conformation Evaluation

  • Learn to study ideal conformation of horses for riding, purchase and breeding.
  • Identify body balance, inheritable faults and leg conformation issues.

Ground Handling and Training Lessons with Paso Finos

  • Leading
  • Round Pen Work
  • Lounging
  • Long Lines or Bellas Formas
  • Body Cues
  • Hoof Balance and Trimming Basics

Starting Under Saddle Training Lessons with Paso Finos

  • Warm Up
  • Sacking Out
  • Horse Senses Perception
  • Weight Bearing
  • Horse's Balance with Rider
  • First Lessons under Saddle

Horsemanship clinics may be arranged at your location or at Gracewood Farm in New Hill, North Carolina. Check with Lynn Gallup on details and clinician fee.

Therapeutic for your body, relaxing on your mind and rejuvenating for your spirit ...

Experience the smoothest ride with Gracewood's Paso Fino horses. Schedule a visit for a test ride, plan for a horsemanship riding lesson or simply come meet the horses. We are located in central North Carolina near Raleigh. Email us with your questions and best times for a lesson.

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