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Ares del Pasador ... Gracewood Farm's
Paso Fino Senior Herd Stallion

ares del pasador
Ares del Pasador
Paso Fino Stallion DOB: 5/25/1988 PFHA Reg# 13,471
Sire: Emulo LaCE (Mar de Plata LaCE - PFHA Foundation Sire)
Dam: Cafila que tal (Sin Verguenza) - 2x PFHA Top 10 Dam
Color: Bay Dun Markings: primitive markings
Height: 14.2 hands Weight: 850 lbs Temperament: 5 out of 10

Ares del Pasador Photo Gallery

Ares del Pasador arrives at Gracewood Farm on November 24, 2012.
[1:57 min]

Sire: Emulo LaCE - 1978 PFHA Reserve Natl Ch. in Bellas Formas
(PFHA Foundation Sire - Mar de Plata LaCE x Muneco LaCE daughter)

Dam: Cafila que tal - 2x PFHA Top 10 Dam (Sin Verguenza)

Qualities: Naturally gaited at liberty and under saddle with minimal contact/collection, Gentle willing disposition, Foundation Colombian Heritage

Ares del Pasador at age 23 in Illinois

ares del Pasador - December 2012
Ares during a ride performing a perfect 4 beat evenly spaced smooth
gait with advanced beginner riding student Lillian.

ares and price
Ares and Lynn - riding around the cones.

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